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By becoming a member of Belmont Saints Squash Club you are agreeing to our Privacy Policy and the Terms & Conditions of our membership.


Privacy Policy

We collect personal information, including names, addresses, emails, phone numbers and birthdates from its members that we store in our database. In addition to our database, we use Mailchimp and Skedda for our newsletters and booking system.  If you have opted in for any additional services/apps associated with our club, your details will also be stored in such. We do not pass on any information to any other third party without consent, with the exception of W.A. Squash. By signing up to become a member, you give W.A. Squash the right to contact you regarding any upcoming competitions, tournaments and for any other events/information that may be deemed appropriate. With the case of any of our members playing in pennants or league information is then entered into SportyHQ database and relevant contact information passed on to the players associated to the particular competition. Squash Australia has access rights to SportyHQ. All members are bound by any changes to the Privacy Policy that occur during the term of their membership. 

Terms and Conditions

You will receive promotional marketing and emails relating to the squash club. You can always unsubscribe from our mailing list, by clicking on Unsubscribe within our newsletters. Membership is not transferrable. One membership entitles you to one discounted court hire for one court per session only. The failure to use the Squash Club facility does not entitle the member to a rebate or refund on any fees paid. A member must notify the reception if they misplace their card and may be charged for a replacement. A price increase may be implemented at any time at the beginning of the financial year, that will be approved by the committee.   Inappropriate language or conduct will not be tolerated. Each member uses the Belmont Saints Squash club facilities at their own risk. Each member indemnifies and releases Belmont Saints Squash Club from any claim arising as a result of the members use of the Sports Centre, its facilities and any advice given by its staff. Members must always wear appropriate attire. Non-marking shoes must be worn whilst playing. Belmont Saints Squash club may close the Sports Centre, alter operating hours, then they will be displayed prominently within the centre. All members are bound by any changes to the Terms and Conditions that occur during the term of their membership.

Types of membership:

Club membership benefits entitles the player to a discount on court hire, 10% discount on squash equipment (except sale items and racket re-stringing).

Seniors membership entitles you to a discounted session for Gentle Squash on Thursdays at Belmont Saints Squash Club ($10 reduced to $8).

Juniors membership entitles you to a free Belmont Saints Squash Club tee shirt.

Club membership does not entitle the player to competitions. Competitions are an additional cost. Pennant and League costs are charged in addition to club fees and player insurance. The most up-to-date version of the fee structure can be found at WEBSITE ADDRESS.

You must be a member of a Squash Club in order to play pennants or League. In addition, you will need to take out player insurance if you play more than 3 games of pennants or league as well as any tournaments (excluding in-house weekly competitions). There will be additional fees incurred if you opt to play in the pennants or league competitions. For the full list of fees please enquire directly.

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