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In-House League Tuesdays

No more travelling to other clubs. No more late nights! 

​We have a Tuesday League Night at Belmont Saints.


​The Tuesday Night Belmont Saints Social League will be run in 7 / 9 week blocks. Cost is $13 (members) per week, or $17 (non-members) x no. of weeks in the season. Payable upfront at week 1. payment plans available. Reserves to pay weekly. If a player is asked to play twice, they will not be charged twice. 

Players are expected to commit to at least 80% of games in the season. As this is more of a structured competition and scores are entered onto SportyHQ for ranking purposes. Play commences at 7pm sharp. It is essential that you are here on time (upstairs at your correct court) for play to commence (as we all start on the same whistle), please call the center if you are running late.  If a player cannot make a week, they must inform the center/organizer so that we can make other arrangements. 

Players will be assigned a position, based on ability level. Then play each-other weekly. The games are timed matches, consisting of 3x 10 minute rounds (playing one person per week). You must be available to score/ref another game on our court, either ahead or behind you.  There is generally 2-3 matches per court. 

Everyone finishes at the same time and then they enjoy a light supper will be provided by the club. 

At the end of the season prizes are given out to the winners. After the season, sign up again for another season. Currently there are 4 seasons per year. 

$50 starting pot, with Jackpot potential of $500!

The aim is to have an inclusive environment that is not too serious and we would love you to come along and just have some fun!

These are NOT competition matches, it’s a friendly social hit! 


You DO NOT need to commit to this every week. You can just turn up on the night!


Cost is $13 for members or $17 for non-members - to be paid upon registration at 6:45pm every Wednesday. Upon registration players will be given 3 raffle tickets for Chase the Ace. Extra tickets will be given for any food/drink purchases over $5 on the night.


Play starts at 7pm. Play will be round-robin style. No scorers/refs - players on court are left to manage their own game. Players have use of the courts till 8:30pm, however can stop play before that, if they so wish.

Between 8-8:15pm (dependent on numbers) one lucky player will be drawn from the raffle to ‘Chase the Ace.’ Player must be playing in the In-house to be eligible AND present at the time of the draw. The player will then be able to throw the dart at our game board. The card that the dart hits will then be given to the player. On the back of the card there is a scratch panel, the player will then be able to reveal whether they have found the ‘Ace’ or not. If the player reveals the Ace then they win the cash prize in the kitty. If not, the prize then jackpots, until a winning card is revealed.


Late players will be able to join in the social hit, although may have to wait until the next round of play when a spot is available to join (however raffle tickets will not be given). They are eligible to play in Chase the Ace, if they wish to make food/drink purchases over $5 for entries.

In-House Chase the Ace Wednesdays

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