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Social Events

Belmont Saints Squash Club is turned 50 years old in 2023. We had a Sundowner to help celebrate this milestone. We have also started a Facebook group to keep you all updated with the events and for you to be able to share any historic pictures and memories. The group is titled 'Belmont Saints Squash Club Past and Current Members: Celebrating 50 years.' Please like the page and share any photos you have to it - the more the older photos we can get, the better! Here is a link to the Facebook group. 

Belmont Saints Squash Club Committee decided in December 2023 to hold monthly Club Invitational Days. Every month we will invite another club to come along on one weekend day to challenge some of our players. We then will hold a 'friendly' round-robin style competition, followed by a BBQ and a swim in the pool (weather permitting).  Our first one is due to kick off on Sunday 11th of February against Marmion. To secure you place in the Club Invitational please fill out the on-line form below. 

If your club is keen to take up the challenge then submit an expression of interest form now!

We are always keen for some friendly rivalry events!

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